North Attractions

  • Dvorat Hatavor

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    Dvorat Hatavor

    An authentic Israeli honey farm that offers guided family tours about bees and honey.

  • Ofer Blank

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    Ein Keshatot

    The Ein Keshatot site also offers a visit to the village spring, which flows into ancient pools.

  • Ofir Rob

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    Escape room in Hagoshrim

    Escape Room is a group activity that requires cooperation and thinking outside the box.

  • Arthur Drigant

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    Great Mini World - The Miniatures Museum

    A unique exhibition of a wondrous world of miniatures made from nature materials


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    Hamizgaga - A Museum for regional archaeology and glass is housed in a two-story stone structure.

  • Roy Katalan

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    Horse back riding- Vered Hagalil

    We offer guided trail rides on the Korazim Plateau, overlooking the Golan and the sea of Galilee.

  • shai vayner

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    InsideOut escape room

    InsideOut is built as a reality set, aimed at inserting the participants totally into the atmosphere

  • Rafi Venezian

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    Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod

    Janco-Dada Museum in the Ein Hod Artists, Village display the work of Marcel Janco and Dada.

  • Jorden River Rafting

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    Jorden River Rafting

    Rafting, Razors, Tubing, Omega to the river, Jeep's, nature hikes, bikes, Paintball, Dartboard...

  • Tirosh Biton

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    Kitron Winery

    Our winery door is open to everyone. The tour exposes our “Mission statement” in the world of wine,

  • Rakefetsl

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    Old courtyard museum

    Old Courtyard at Kibbutz Ein Shemer, fun family activities, historical experience of early kibbutz.

  • paradive

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    Paradive - Skydiving

    Paradive - skydive over 'Habonim' shore, one of the world's most beautiful locations.

  • Pavel Klimenko

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    Grottos and Cable Car Rosh Hanikra. A Love Story Between The Sea and the Rock.

  • marcos galante

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    Tatanka Jeep Tours

    We provide Jeep tours in the north of the golan heights to the border with syria and night safari.

  • Liora Zeichev

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    The Levine Farm

    We invite you to take time off for a hands-on experience on our rich and varied organic farm.

  • Michal Maman, Hydromedia

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    The Rosh Pina Adventure

    The Rosh Pina adventure is perfect for couples, families, and groups of various sizes.

  • gottlieb

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    Gottlieb is a sculptor, blacksmith. In the atelier- sculptures gallery & working ares for workshops

  • moti shelef

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    derech haetz

    The tree-lined amusement park invites you to experience nature and everything in one place

  • Aviram Waldman

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    kishor winery

    Kfar Kishorit is a village for people with special needs.

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    oferjeep jeep tour

    Jeep tour in the Galil and the Golan heights.


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