South Attractions

  • Noam Weiss

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    International Birding & Research Center Eilat

    is one of the important spots for migratory birds in the world, The only overland bridge between Europe Asia and Africa

  • Kayaktours

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    Kayaking in the Deadsea

    Paddling in the Lowest Place in the world. Welcome to an amazing kayak adventure in the Dead Sea. Minimum attendance 10.

  • Maayan zamir

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    Path to Peace

    A tour of the moshav and a view of Gaza. Traveling to the Path to Peace wall and pasting a colorful mosaic peace.

  • timna park

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    Timna Park

    Timna Park - one of the Most Beautiful Parks in the World. Timna Park is outstanding in its variety of places.

  • Aran Dolev

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    Yotvata Park

    Yotvata Park reveals the secrets of Yotvata and the desert in 4 different worlds of content.



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